Cut Rate Prices, Cut Rate Customers

It was incredibly warm for October, and the entire downtown smelled of rotting garbage for some reason.  It was bad.  It was worse than bad, it was offensive.  A woman walking into the restaurant asked us, “Do people puke a lot out here?  It smells like puke.”  The only thing we could say was “Welcome to downtown, enjoy your dinner.”  It smelled exactly like puke outside.

Everyone I know in the service industry hates restaurant week.  It started as a good idea, so people could try out new restaurants without having to spend an arm and a leg to do so.  That way if they like the restaurant, they’ll come back and spend an arm and a leg, if they don’t, they won’t go back.  But, instead of being an outlet to try new things, it has become a week where restaurants give away the farm at a loss, betting on breaking even with drink orders that never manifest, and the people who do come in, are cheap asses that will never go back to any of the restaurants again, until the next restaurant week.

Who wants customers like that?  Nobody.  Who wants their places full of amateurs that don’t spend any money, even drive away their regulars.  Servers don’t give anyone their A -game, and why should they.  They’re getting a 10 or if they are lucky 20% tip on a bill that’s around $66 for two people to have a four course dinner (That’s a generalized price, but fairly accurate based on several restaurants published specials) .  Those seats they occupy for 90 to 120 minutes,  on a normal night would pay off a hell of a lot better than $12 if they’re lucky, or $6 if they’re not.  I’m sorry folks, but if you can’t afford anything outside of Applebee’s prices, stay at Applebees.

Thank goodness restaurant week is over.  It runs Sunday through Friday, but last restaurant week, people still came in on Saturday and tried to get the restaurant week special.  They’ll complain and complain, until like last time, they’re given the special to just shut them up.  I’m sorry, but if you can’t read (and it’s very clear what date the promotion ends) and you show up and act like an ass, I’ll gladly point you in the direction of the nearest McDonald’s so you can order off of the value menu.

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