Inconsiderate Customers with Biblical Last Names

Let me fill you in on something that people in the service industry absolutely hate, last-minute customers.  If the restaurant closes at say, 10pm, and you show up a 9.50pm to have a late dinner with your friends, then you dear reader, are an asshole.  You may not think you are an asshole, but you are.

Everyone is expecting to leave, the kitchen is prepping to close down, and in you walk.  When you’re the only people in the restaurant for two hours, you need to pack it up and get the hell out.  It doesn’t matter how much you spend, or what a great time you’re having, a restaurant’s posted closing time is set for a reason.  Now, 8 to 10 people have to stand around for two hours, being paid mind you, waiting for you to finally get all of the many hints, that it’s time for you to leave.  If the lights are up high, the music is turned off, and people begin vacuuming, or counting tills, or stand around giving you that look, and you know what look I mean, the “get the hell out of here” look, then pay your tab and walk out.  Because I assure you, your food isn’t going to be prepared with the same gusto, your drinks are going to be weak, and if you happen to be a bad tipper, you will be remembered, and you will receive the same crappy service every time you go to the restaurant.  It will be as if you are Hester Prynne, and you have a big red A embroidered on you, only your A stands for asshole, and no one will forget it.

When you do finally realize that it is time for you to leave and you tip poorly, and pull the “Oh, are we the last people here?  I hope we didn’t keep you late” shit, then I wish I was the Cain to your Abel my friend.

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