Mr. Congeniality goes to . . . . Sausage Fingers

If you’ve read the earlier posts, you will read about Sausage Fingers, a customer that loves him some blue cheese.  He always comes in with his wife,  a very nice person,  and his little kid.  He’s a lazy and annoying man, who usually yells at his wife in front of everyone outside of the restaurant.  A lot of times, he will be holding his kid, while he makes his wife carry a ton of stuff out of the truck.  While she looks for what he wants her to bring in, he yells things like, “Why are you so stupid?  Are you insane?  I can’t believe you are being such an idiot.”  She some times tells him to settle down, which only makes him more angry.  It’s so weird to see a person take this kind of abuse.  She is so nice and friendly, that I almost want to take her aside, and say “You know, you can always just leave him.  You don’t have to take that crap from him.”   Another customer just sat and watched the spectacle.  She hadn’t even noticed that her car was out front.  She apologized to the valet and said, “I’m sorry I didn’t see you, I was too busy watching Mr. Congeniality.”

For some reason, Sausage Fingers loves me.  When he left, he told me, “Don’t ever leave, you’re our favorite.  You are hands down the best valet in the city.  I’m going to write the GM and let her know what an amazing job you do, and how much we appreciate you.”  If that’s true, then start tipping me more than two dollars Mr. Congeniality.

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