Awkward Snippets

My coworker last night, had spent the day with an uncle who’s a trucker.  We were talking about how bizarre most of them are, like 18 wheel mobile pedophiles.  The ones he met were perverted, dirty, and just really backwoods.  We were laughing about the conversations he overheard, and I wondered how many Dwayne’s he had met.  He told me that they’d talk shit about someone, and another trucker would say, “He’s my brother” and then agree what an asshole his brother was.  We were laughing and making up fake conversations that they might have.

A customer walked by right as I said, “Dwayne, oh yeah, we had the same parole officer”.  That was all he heard, and he gave me the strangest look out of the corner of his eye, like he was nervous.  He probably went and told his friends that there are convicted felons as valet attendants at the restaurant.

I doubt he’ll ever use valet again.

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