Daddy’s coming home

It was extremely slow last night, and has been for the entire week. The restaurant was a sleepy little locale, where there were more servers than customers. So naturally they cut a couple of servers. One of them in their exuberance to get home, made our night.

15 minutes after D. was cut (names removed to protect the not so innocent) another server T. receives this text message from him:

“Turn on the computer and bend your ass over, daddy’s coming home.”

Then several minutes later:

“Sorry T. that was supposed to be for my girlfriend L., that was awkward. LMAO!”

It will be awhile before he lives that one down.

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2 Responses to Daddy’s coming home

  1. Ern McCracken says:

    What does that even mean?

  2. Augeblicken says:

    I would imagine that it has something to do with porn.

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