How To Get An NBA Player To Tip When They Usually Don’t

I’m not sure what the hell is going on in this small market NBA town.  All of the players on the team are a bunch of assholes who think that they don’t have to tip.  I know many of the valets around town, including myself, are tired of it.

You’re a millionaire, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay for anything.  It means that if people take care of you, you treat them well, or they will treat you worse than the guy with the rusty Buick, who more than likely tips better than you do.

I’ve seen the same NBA player come in three or four times in the last month.  We started out giving him the benefit of the doubt, so we left his car up front.  After he stiffed us, we never did that again.  He has since stiffed us at least three or four times.  When he came in again, I knew I was going to get stiffed again, but this time I had a plan.

I ran and got his car, and it was clear he was not reaching for any money, neither was his girlfriend.  He was going to stiff us again.  So I reached into my pocket, pulled out the wad of cash I had, showed it to him and asked, “Do you need me to make any change for you tonight Mr. (insert last name here)?”

This took him off guard.  “What?”

“Do you need me to make any change for you tonight Mr. (insert last name here)?”

He smiled slyly, and shook his head.  “Shit”.  He knew he had been called out in front of his girl.  He reached into the glove compartment, laughed, and handed me $15.

“Thanks, have a good night Mr. (insert last name here).”

“You too, man.”

I guess that is how you get an NBA player to tip in this town.

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