Same Blog, New Layout and Address

I hated the way the old blog looked, so I decided to update it.  The theme that I use now, does not have a tendency to squish the text into a narrow column like the old theme.  I hope you like it better.  I certainly do.

I also moved the entire blog to a new web address.  I lost the stat counter hits, but the program keeping track of visitors to this blog, revealed one of the most active viewers to be the owner of my former valet company.  He was silently trolling the site, trying to glean information that he could use to his advantage.  I didn’t know that the RSS feed was active, and that he had signed up for it, so it has been disabled on the new page.  Sad, but you’d think after almost a year, he would have better things to do with his time.

On a lighter note, I intend to put up more video and audio.  I’ve teamed up with a podcasting host, so there may be a day soon where you’ll be able to hear the incredible words from Scott’s own mouth.

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