My Boss Actually Said This

Every once in a while, my boss says one of the most ridiculous things ever.  It’s probably one of the things I love most about working with him and the other guys.

He was studying to pass an EMT test, and was in a classroom with a bunch of other male and female students.  The teacher posed this question to them:

“When is the only time as an EMT it’s okay for you to touch a woman’s vagina?”

My boss blurted out, “When they need help breaking their water?”

The class erupted in laughter.

“No … only when you need to get the umbilical cord unwrapped from around a child’s head in the womb.”

I asked him why in the world he said that, and he told me he hadn’t read the assignment, but he thought it sounded right.  Helping someone break their water sounds like the correct answer?

If his comments continue being as hilarious as they usually are, you may find this to be a recurring theme.

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