Things Found In Cars

I have found the strangest things in some of the cars we’ve parked sitting right in the open.  I’ve seen sex toys, rotting food, and … loaded handguns.

My coworker was driving a car to the parking lot and told me to hop in and catch a ride.  I moved a map on the passenger seat to sit down, and that’s when we found this.  We thought it was a toy.  It looked fake, like a cap gun.  We were waving it around being morons when my coworker said “Point it at me while I take a picture.”  So I did, and that’s when I noticed there were real bullets in the chambers.

I could have easily shot him in the face if I’d pulled the trigger.  I probably said, “Shit, I think this is a real gun.”  So we put it back on the front seat, and left it where we found it.

The car was driven by a 60 year-old man who you’d never guess was packing heat.

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