All God’s Creatures

There’s a lot of strange people milling around downtown every day.  It can be a bit of a sideshow attraction sometimes, and whether it is a six-foot eight cross dresser or a girl with two heads (legitimately seen around town) it takes a lot to weird me out.  But something did just that.

My coworker and I walked up the ramp after parking some cars.  He was a little bit in front of me, and we were shooting the shit.  As we rounded the corner something darted out right between us.  I didn’t know what the hell it was.  I felt like someone knocked the wind out of me.  It was that startling.

It was a four-foot tall woman(? Never saw its face) that looked as if her head had been lifted off and then replaced on her shoulders sideways. All I saw was long reddish hair obscuring any view of its face.  When it darted between us it didn’t make any noise, and not wanting to make an ass of ourselves we just kept walking as if nothing happened.  But there was a sidelong glance between the two of us where I knew that whatever it was it freaked us both out.

Later my artistically inclined coworker did this sketch:

Artist Sketch

When we got back to the front of the restaurant we said things like “What the fuck was that?”, “That freaked me out”, “What was that thing?”

We saw her dart back to her hiding place.  We knew our other coworker was coming and would pass right by her, so we watched in rapt attention knowing he’d be freaked out just like we were.

He rounded the corner, and again the girl darted out at him.  His eyes went big.  I thought he might scream out, but he cut a wide swath around her and then looked over at us.  We were laughing, but it was the laugh of people who’d survived a similar harrowing experience.

“You assholes, I was wondering why you were both looking at me smirking.”

He said when it darted out at him it made a creepy coughing sound, and that he didn’t know what the hell it was.

When we looked back we saw her shuffling out of sight.

Later that week another sketch was done of her.  This time as a frog, but I’m not sure why:

If She Were a Frog

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