The Rainmaker

I’ve often heard about it, but certainly never seen it … until Friday night.

On the corner where I work, some genius had been handed $1,000 in singles for his birthday.  So he decided to make it rain.

Handfuls of dollar bills blew around the intersection.  People went ape shit.  They were crawling on hands and knees, running into traffic, blocking the entire road, grappling for every last dollar.  Horns were honking, people got out of cars to see what the hell was exactly going on.  It was craziness.

Once those bills disappeared another wad flew up in the air and the scramble began anew.  People pushed and shoved, fights broke out, and dollars began to get snatched out of people’s hands.  It was a melee that showed the basest of human actions that lasted all of ten minutes.

When the money ran out the crowd went on its way, leaving the intersection without any indication of what had taken place.

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