Someone Shit Their Pants

Check Out the Brown Bullseye

When you see an incredibly drunk homeless man pushing an expensive bike through the crosswalk while trying to use it as a crutch to keep themselves from falling down, you can’t help but be amused.  Clearly the bike is stolen, but that’s beyond the point.

In theory it should work, but the wheels are where things go wrong.  If you don’t put your weight down just right, it has a tendency to want to roll away from you.  The man looked like a spastic sleepwalker destined to fall down at any moment, yet somehow he was able to cling to his upright state … just barely.

I thought seeing him do a tightrope walk of drunken balance was the funny highlight of the night, but oh how wrong I was.  When he passed by I noticed the real highlight, and I made sure I got a picture of it.

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