Yes, He Put a ‘Twin Towers on Fire’ Decal On That Truck

This guy stopped to ask us for directions.  He wanted to know “Where some good sushi at round here?”

Both sides of his truck were covered in Eagles, American Flags, and the Twin Towers on fire.  There was also text that read: ‘Never Forget 9 – 11, Always Remember 9 – 12’.

I seriously can’t figure out who’d ever think it was a good idea to have this permanently attached to your truck.

Thanks to someone on Reddit, Here is the rest of the truck in all of its disturbing glory:

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4 Responses to Yes, He Put a ‘Twin Towers on Fire’ Decal On That Truck

  1. Amber says:

    That is actually my cousin’s husband’s truck… He sells tshirts and makes donations, and was raising up to a million dollars to take to the tenth anniversary of 9/11. So how dare you say it’s disgusting glory. You had no idea the story behind it, so don’t be so quick to judge. If a soldier had come by in that truck would you have said something like that? No.

    No one will ever forget 9/11, but he wants everyone to remember 9/12 as the day we all came together as a nation. You’re so unbelievably ignorant it disgusts me.

    • Thanks for your input Amber.

      It’s still an incredibly provocative and disturbing image to put on a pickup truck. I’m glad it’s at least for a good cause, but it’s pretty hard to tell by the pictures on the truck that that is the case, and I highly doubt many people would take the time to look up that web address. But, even if a soldier had come by in that truck I still would have thought it were distasteful, and I still would have written this post.

      Killing another human being should never be glorified no matter what the reason, to do otherwise is where real ignorance lies.

      Save An American Kill a Terrorist is a pretty vile thing to have on an already incendiary photo. If you were trying to raise money for a cause (I’m not sure what he was trying to raise money for you weren’t very clear about it. Firemen, armed forces members, the memorial?) why would you have such a violent message on a violent photo. Why wouldn’t you clearly state your purpose so that it would make actual sense?

      Good luck to him though.

    • Also neither of his websites seem to work, so even if I wanted to find out what his message is, there’d be no way to do so.

      I tried and

      Neither exist.

      • 2DY$E says:

        I figured it out. So you now you can stop your hate speech against this stupid looking truck and focus your hatred where it really matters. Buying a t-shirt with some cliche, ignorant slogan. The website looks like it was made by a twelve yr old; a very angry, pent up twelve yr old who by the sounds of it will undoubtedly have a gun. So watch out, because this freedom loving american might take your opinion of his truck as a terroristic threat and kill you on spot.

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