An Open Letter To Women Walking Barefoot Downtown

I’ve seen a lot of terrible and disturbing things, but nothing more so than a woman walking around downtown barefoot.

Guys don’t do this, so why would you do this ladies?

If your shoes hurt, tough it out.  Or better yet learn to wear comfortable shoes, because there’s really no excuse for slipping them off and walking through the city.

It disgusts me every time I see it, and here’s why:

I’ve seen blood, shit, piss, vomit, and broken glass strewn across these sidewalks every night of the week.  You might not see it, but I know why.  Chances are if you take your shoes off downtown you’re drunk, and definitely too drunk to notice these things at your feet.

It’s not like the sidewalks get sanitized and steam cleaned every night.  To the homeless, the whole world is their outhouse.

I’ve seen drunks piss on the side of the restaurant before 8pm, had customers throw up on our valet sign, and bums get in fights or fall down bleeding all over the place.  If that isn’t enough, we’ve had people take shits across the street from us.  Hell, horse cops let their animals shit wherever they will.

When the clubs close down at 3am on a Saturday, I’ve watched barefoot women walk through fresh steaming piles of horse shit.

No joke.

So do yourself a favor, leave your damn shoes on.  I don’t care if you’ve had shots for all three kinds of hepatitis, it’s still nasty.

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4 Responses to An Open Letter To Women Walking Barefoot Downtown

  1. Pup Felicity says:

    I played tennis barefoot one time. and it’s one time for a reason. Blistered the ball of my foot completely ….side tracked here.

    wanted to thank you for liking our post the other day! appreciate it.


  2. Ralph Di Bartoloomeo says:

    It never ceases to amaze me. How something as simple as barefeet elicits such hostility from so many people. Its ridiculous when you think about it. What harm does it do to YOU? I thought this was a free country. As far as shit, piss, vomit,etc being “everywhere”., thats simply not so. Have you ever heard anyone dying from going barefoot? Yeah me neither. My theory is it goes back to the days when we were children and our mothers told us to wear shoes outdoors and when we didnt cause it felt good and comfortable our brother or sister would run in the house and “tell on us” So next time you see someone barefoot on the street, run home and tell you mother! I say “Live and let live”

    • I by no means have a problem with barefootedness in general, but you sir have clearly not spent much time in an entertainment district after 10pm. I see people pissing on the sidewalk multiple times a night. I’m not sure why the police don’t do anything about it, but they cannot be bothered. Broken glass … just look down once and a while. Puke … several times a week I either find a wet or dried out pile of puke within 100 feet of our valet zone. Horse cops just let the horses shit wherever they will, and on the rare occurance bums do their business wherever their sphinctoral will gives out. In summer I have watched people walk through these piles bare foot.

      By all means take a saunter through the park sans shoes … but downtown … don’t be an idiot.

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