Movie Reviews with Limo Scott: The Death Wish Franchise

The Ebert of the Limo Industry

Death Wish … It started in Chicago, and then he went to Phoenix … and then New York.”

“What made him mad in each of these movies?”

“The original deal was his wife died.  And then in the second Death Wish his daughter was attacked and I think was in a vegetable.”

“She was a vegetable?”

“Yeah, and then she ended up dying, so he went after those thugs.  It could have been both in the same movie?  The first Death Wish.  It could have been all together.  But it was a bad deal.”

“Then what happens in the other ones?  There was like five right?”

“Yeah” … he asks my coworker who is unamused,  “Did his mom and daughter both die in the first one?”

“I think so.”  My coworker doesn’t care.

“I know the mom got raped … I don’t know why, and then he meets that other girl.”

“Raped and killed?”

“His real wife in real life was in that other movie … Jill Ireland you know …”

“Was she raped?”

“No, No, but she was a news reporter.  He was going to marry her in that one and then he had to leave I think … the city … Phoenix.  You know, so … that one cop gives him the ultimatum … you know the guys … so ….”

“He has to leave town or get arrested?”

“Yeah, but the last two were stupid there was too much … secret crimes …” he trails off.  “They had bazooka guns and everything.  It just got too carried away.”

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