I met a fellow valet and we got to swapping war stories one night.  After awhile he turned and looked at me for a moment and then opened up in a way I had never hoped for …

“There’s nothing I love better than sitting in the back seat of a hot chicks car and jerking off.”


“Please.  Don’t act like you’ve never done it.”

He was serious.  It blew my mind, and left so many questions.

“What do you do when you finish?”

“You either jizz on the back seat or on the floor.”

“And then you just go back to work like nothing happened?”

“Of course, I’ve done it a bunch of times.”

I told him there was something mentally wrong with him.  I never saw him again, which was fine by me.

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3 Responses to TMI

  1. Threec says:

    What I learn from your blog makes me happy that I rarely have the occasion to hand my car keys over to strangers…but I know you’re one of the good ones

  2. retiredvalet says:

    Working valet for years, I will never let someone else park my car. Ever. We’ve done some weird stuff…

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