You Think You’ve Had a Bad Week …

“I’ve had a really bad week. On Wednesday I had an abortion, and then the next Tuesday I had to put my dog to sleep …”

This may be the weirdest conversation overheard by my coworker and I. Why you would say those words out loud near strangers is anybody’s guess. Being a smoker, she was in and out of the restaurant all night.

That was weird, but there was more from her twenty minutes later:

“So last Wednesday I had the baby removed, and the doctor was like ‘You can’t put any dicks inside there for 7 days’ which really sucked because Wednesday is our date night. So we went out for date night, and it was like, the best fucking date night ever, and then when we got home we couldn’t even have sex!”

It’s a hard knock life ladies and gentlemen. An abortion and the best date night ever in the same day! What are the odds?

Cue Sarah McLachlan …

In the arms of the angels …

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2 Responses to You Think You’ve Had a Bad Week …

  1. Tim Arpin says:

    I see that my mom decided to use the gift certificates I got her for her birthday.

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