Movie Reviews With Limo Scott: Are We There Yet?

Me: So what was Are We There Yet about?

Limo Scott: Ice Cube is in love with this girl.  He’s got a little … he helps this girl … start her car. Well at first he saw her right?  Walk out from this building across the street from where his business is …

Me: That’s when he fell in love with her?

Limo Scott:  Well … yep, then ahh …  on the way home from work that night … well then the, the … oh sorry when she walked out her two little kids start running towards her so … then he put the brakes on.  He was going over to make his move, running across the street from … he doesn’t want to be welcoming any kids.  So then on the way home it’s raining and she’s stranded so … ummm she gives him a … starts her car … or no actually the car didn’t start, so he gave her a ride home and then one thing led to another and then she had to go on a business trip and her ex-husband didn’t show up to babysit so she asked him and then, and then … anyways he ended up taking the kids out to Seattle from Chicago.

Me:  Did she know that he took the kids?

Limo Scott: Oh yeah, she asked him … so it’s a pretty good show.  There’s two of them you know.  It was are we there yet and … what was the second one called?

Coworker: Are we there yet 2?

Limo Scott: No … not 2.

Me: Are we still there?

Coworker: Are we almost there?

Scott:  Something like that, yeah.

Coworker: Where are we?

Limo Scott: Yeah … you’re close … you’re close.

Me:  How does it end?

Limo Scott:  Well … they fall in love … but I forget the name of the second one.

Me:  Are you sure there’s a second one?

Limo Scott:  Yeah, I saw it.  Came out a couple of years later. (Thinks hard)  They go on a camping trip.

Me:  Daddy Day Care?

Limo Scott:  No … like are we almost there. I think that might have been it … he gets beat up by a deer.  A deer punches him … Ice Cube …

Me: A deer punches him.

Limo Scott:  And his car gets on fire … that might have been number one though … yeah I just can’t think of the … yeah I think it’s Are We Almost There.

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