I Know Why the Wheeled Woman Whines

Maya Angelou is pretty amazing speaker.  I’ve seen her before, several years ago.  My wife gave me I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings when I was on my way to England.  It was a good read.

Maya Angelou was next door the other night speaking.

She’s getting old, and needs help getting in and out of her tour bus.  She uses a wheelchair now to get around.  I saw her get off the bus and go into the stage door of the theater.

Her engagement was brief, maybe an hour tops, and then she was back in the tour bus in front of our valet zone.

A car pulled up behind the tour bus, and an old woman in a wheelchair got out from the driver’s seat.  Then she helped an even older woman (at least 80) get out of the passenger seat and into her own wheelchair (that makes two wheelchairs, three if you include Maya Angelou).  The older woman just sat on the curb looking lost and confused, while the younger one wheeled herself up to the door of the tour bus, leaned out so far I thought she was going to fall, and pried open the door of the bus.

This is when she began screaming into the open door.

“Ms. Angelou, I need to speak to Ms. Angelou!  Let me in the bus! Let me in.  I need to speak to her!”

I’d never seen a groupie like this before.  Security stood frozen and baffled by the incident.  It took a long time for one of the guards to run over and wrench the door handle out of the woman’s hand.

She started hitting him, and tried to wedge herself into the entrance of the bus while he tried to get the door shut.

“Let go of me!  Get your hands of me.  I need to speak to Ms. Angelou!  Please!  Ms. Angelou, let me in.  I need to speak to you!”

This all happened while I was watching, and continued as I ran by the bus to get to the parking ramp.  When I pulled the car out, the guard had been able to shut the door and the bus drove off pretty soon after.

The old woman was sitting back in the car looking just as confused, but the younger one was wheeling around whining out loud about how she needed to see Ms. Angelou.  It was important!

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