Dodging A Bullett

This may be one of the craziest stories from my valet days of yore.  Names have been changed to protect the guilty …

One of the busiest accounts we had was located in an affluent suburb. It quickly became a place where middle-aged women went to drink, meet wealthy men … and have sex with them.  Sometimes in the parking lot.  It wasn’t uncommon to find a couple of people getting down and dirty in a parked car, or even out in the grass by the pond behind the restaurant.

Sex was in the air.  It was as if Spanish Fly was being pumped into every drink, for every patron, every night.  Drunk women would end up pawing at the valets, flashing their breasts, offering to take the valets home for some sexy time, that sort of thing.

This place was horny central.

At the end of one night a valet we knew, let’s call him Tim, had one of these women all over him.  She was attractive, drunk, and couldn’t keep her hands off of him.  After she couldn’t find a cab, he of course offered her a ride home at the end of the night.

She got into his truck, and they proceeded to drive.  This woman immediately had her hands all over him, down his pants, kissing him and stroking him, until he could no longer concentrate any longer.  She told him to pull over, so he found the first semi-private place he could.  A church parking lot.

He received what he described as “an amazing blowjob” just steps away from the house of God.  After he expelled his seed, and she wiped her mouth, he took her home.

Tim pulled into her driveway, and before the woman could even get out of his truck, a huge angry dude came flying out the front door yelling “Who the fuck is that?”

She jumped out of the truck to meet him before he went on the rampage it seemed like he was planning for Tim.

She pleaded for him to settle down.  “Who is he, what the fuck were you doing in his car?”

“He’s a valet.  He was nice enough to drive me home when I couldn’t find a cab.”

The man’s attitude did a complete 180 degree turn.  “Oh my God, thank you so much.”  He came over and shook Tim’s hand, offered him money, told him how much he appreciated what Tim had done for his wife.”

Tim was scared shitless.  He declined the money, told the huge man not to worry about it.  The woman waved him goodbye and smiled, and Tim tried to act cool, but drove out of there as fast as he possibly could.

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