There Sure Are A Lot Of Jerks Out There …

That title above, that’s how this one weird guy starts a conversation with me every time I see him.  He’s awkward and weird, but this conversation took the cake …

“There sure are a lot of jerks out there … mean guys … what, do they have a girl on every corner?  I like a happy bar where you can have a conversation with someone, but there’s a lot of jerks out there ….”

My coworker and I didn’t know what to say.  I think we silently agreed with him since he was getting aggravated.

“I still think about going over to Gary Sorenson’s house when I was 16 … but it’s been a long time.  I’m 65 now … got to make a move some time.  His uncle had a big pit in the backyard … you can’t make people fight to the death.”

T and I shared a look that can only be described as a “where the hell is this going” kind of look.

“You can’t throw a bunch of 16 year olds into a pit and make them fight to the death, you just can’t do it!”

He’s flabbergasted, shrugs, and takes off leaving my coworker and I trying to decipher what the devil it all meant.

Meanwhile at Gary Sorenson's house ...

Meanwhile at Gary Sorenson’s house …

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